Ken and Vernaye Denson went through a four year "drought" starting in 1998, where Ken was laid off and Vernaye was unemployed at the time. They had only a little savings and Vernaye's military retirement for income. During that time, they could not fully understand what God was doing and why He couldn't just provide the financial needs to get back on track.


They still attended church, gave their tithes, and told all that Jesus is still God and He is still awesome. They began to realize that He was providing our needs and He never did leave us nor did He forsake us. It was during this time that God developed their passion to help those whom had had "bad" things happen to them that was out of their control. During this tenure of their hard times, they not only developed compassion for those in need, but empathy as well. In 1999 God gave Vernaye the vision for S.T.A.N.D. Souls Touching Another Needing Deliverance, Inc. In 2012 S.TA.N.D. was in full operation.